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David English has been drumming and performing music for nearly 30 years. He started out playing by ear at 5 years of age and shortly after received professional lessons. He became interested in a diverse variety of musical genres that grew as he did. David was very lucky to have two supportive parents, Bryan and Deborah who noticed his talents and nurtured them at a very young, impressionable age, introducing him to different instruments and live music. The challenge of learning an eclectic assortment of musical genres made David more determined to be a lifelong musician. 


By the age of 12 David started playing with his adult neighbors and family at various events. This helped him get comfortable with being on stage and playing in front of crowds. From as far back as he can recall his father would play an broad array of 50s-80s records virtually every evening from the likes of The Beatles, Alice Cooper, The Beach Boys, Led Zeppelin,  King Crimson. 

By middle school his interests grew and expanded into an even wider range of genres from alternative, jazz, heavy metal, classical, to even contemporary electronica. This furthered David's musical interests and open doors to new and challenging playing styles.


By late high school David began teaching private lessons and began preforming local shows with bands. After a few years of private lessons, he was offered a percussion teaching position at the private music school, Tri-Key Music Center, in Hawthorne NJ. Teaching a wide variety of ages and styles, from 5 year olds to 55 year olds, from pop drumming to traditional hand drums, this forced David to broaden his musical abilities further to meet the needs of his students. 

While teaching at Tri-Key, David began working at Guitar Center in drums and percussion shortly before being promoted to Lesson and Studio Manager. He attended to the students, teachers, and the department overall. 


After a while David was offered a teaching position for introductory guitar at the Ridgewood Montessori school in Paramus and a clinic style teaching position for drums and percussion at Master Your Guitar Music Academy in Fairfield where he currently teaches from.


David has played, recorded, and tour with a wide range of bands such as the swing punk act Will Wood and the Tapeworms, blackened death metal heavy hitters Imperial Crypt, alternative blues rockers Going Down Slow, and most recently, the tech metal wizards Tandav in addition to a variety of cover bands on the side.

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